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How Paint Can Improve Your Office

Office paint colors tend to a little difficult to pick out. In this day of age you want a professional, yet modern and not-bland look, in an office. As an owner of a company you want to make sure that your employees can work in a comfortable, productive, and professional space. We at R General Painting understand all your worries, that is why we are here through every step of renovating your office space.

The days of a white office are gone and the best of the best companies all have office spaces with statement-color pieces. People are starting to put much more though into office spaces and how even a simple new look for your commercial building and promote a healthy and productive state of mind for your employees.

Modern Office-Space Colors:

  1. Forest Green - Dramatic, great for accent walls, inspiring, and earthy. Usually best paired with dark woods, coppery metallics, pale neutrals and/or natural tones.

  2. Deep Blue - Good for intimate space in an office, great for accent walls. Blue is a soothing, relaxing color and can put anyone in your office in an inspirational and productive state.

  3. Pale Gray - A safe but cool and clean option for any office space. Provides opportunity of color from furniture and is also great for larger commercial offices.

  4. Misty Blue - If you are looking to create a light, welcoming environment then this color would be great for you! It is a down to earth color that can help darker spaces feel more encouraging and is great a a general background color.

  5. Golden Yellow - If you really want to change things up for your office, golden yellow is definitely something to consider. This pop to an office can be just what your office needs to provide your employees with a since of fun and motivation. It is also a flexible color that can provide a great effect in both traditional and modern offices.

When choosing to upgrade your space, R General Painting is here with you the entire way. We are a fully insured painting and renovation company that works both commercially and residentially. Get your free estimate today: 973-876-4290

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