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What color schemes can you try for your teen’s bedroom?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Aqua and goldPeach and goldNavy neutralsOmbre wallsStatement walls

Teenagers go through a lot of changes in both their minds and bodies. This also applies to their personal style as well. Teenagers will start developing their own sense of style and aesthetic, which can be seen in the way they dress and even in how they design their rooms. You can help your teen achieve the room of their dreams with these fun color schemes.

Start by asking your teen if they have anything in mind. By guiding them, you can help them create an extension of their personality in their own personal space. Use these creative approaches to help your teens express their personal style.

This color combination is timeless. Any teen will feel comfortable and relaxed in a room with these colors. The combination pairs well with white furniture for a fresh look. You can use aqua in small doses on the trims of the room and incorporate gold with a unique pattern. You can stencil floral or geometric patterns in gold against an aqua background for a fun yet sophisticated take.

Tie everything together with neutral colors on your floors and decor. Make use of natural textures such as wood to add serenity to the room. This ultimate combination can promote relaxation and productivity. Ask your teen to add their personal touches such as posters and keepsakes. This can be placed in one organized corner to keep the room cohesive and clean.

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